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Numerous men and women believe that content marketing is just writing blog articles stuffed with paragraphs of text. That could not be further from the truth.

The “content” in content marketing is defined by anything that can be consumed by the end user. This means all forms of media are material– blog posts, videos, graphics.

In order to keep things fresh and keep your readers’ attention you will want to create different types of content that stimulates them and gets them engaged enough to share your content which, in turn, will drive more traffic. Here are the five different kinds of content you can create that will carry out this:


1. Emotional Posts

In the manuscript, “Contagious: Why Things Catch On” by Jonah Burger, he explains that there are six main factors as to why content goes viral– one being emotion.

In order to acquire someone to take an action (such as share your content on social media), you need to make them feel something. This can be both negative or positive.


2. Infographics

If you have ever been on Pinterest you have probably seen an infographic.. They are visual interpretations of data meant to be an easy way to consume large amounts of information in an efficient and fun way.

While they can be expensive to create (graphic designers can cost $500– $1,000 per inforgraphic) they are one of the finest ways to drive traffic to your site. Why? An infographic is perfectly shareable on a variety of social media platforms, namely, Pinterest and Tumblr.

Not only do infographics have viral potential on social channels but they are often picked up by bloggers to write new posts about or used to support their existing posts. This can lead to increased referral traffic plus a link back to your website (which is great for SEO).

Don’t worry if you don’t have any graphic design experience. There are various places you can hire professional graphic designs that concentrate in creating infographics. Below are some of my favorites:

All you need to do is research your data points and visualize how you want your infographic to look. The designer will take care of the rest.

3. List Posts

Did you know our brains are hardwired to love list posts? It’s an instinctual trait that allows humans to process large amounts of information quickly and efficiently. This explains why websites such as BuzzFeed have taken over your Facebook timeline.

Another factor why readers love list-style posts comes down to web psychology– most people don’t read entire article and tend to only scan headlines with their eyes. The quicker a reader can finish an article they found valuable, the more likely they are to share it.

Creating a list post is very simple. Start by choosing a topic that can be broken down into various sub-topics or sub-sections. Choose headings for each section and start writing.

The basic format for list posts is:

Not only do case studies have the ability to grow traffic but they also position you as an authority within your industry and as someone with a documented track record of success.

With the massive amount of content being produced daily, or even hourly, a lot of it can be considered “fluff”. For this purpose readers are becoming more inclined to trust content that is backed by real results or research.

List points
4. Case Studies

Most case analyses follow the same format:

Some of the most popular websites and YouTube channels in the world all have one thing in common– they help solve people’s problems.

Summary of the project
The main problem that you or your client was facing
How you overcame that problem
5. Tutorials

“How-To” style content can come in many forms:

Blog posts
Your main goal when creating this type of content should be to focus on identifying a common problem that your audience faces and, then, creating a step-by-step solution for them.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there is a wide variety of content that you can product to increase traffic to your site. Whether you decide to create an infographic or list post remember the importance of creating content that will help your audience will gain value. In short, will they be able to improve themselves and/or their business by consuming your content?

Did you know our brains are hardwired to love list posts? Creating a list post is very simple. As you can see, there is a wide variety of content that you can product to increase traffic to your site. Whether you decide to create an infographic or list post remember the importance of creating content that will help your audience will gain value. In short, will they be able to improve themselves and/or their business by consuming your content?

SEO and Keyword Research

In this article I wanted to talk about making better blog posts that will help you generate traffic from any blog website. Using these article strategies will allow you to create more user friendly reading on your website. In the creation of good content that you’ll want to place on your website, you’ll want to target your focus on keywords that get first of all are getting search volume from the search engines and then you’ll want to use either a keyword research tool that willl tell you at the minimum how many searches your keywords are getting monthly.

The next step is that you will want to create at least 5 categories of which you can create at least 3 articles within these categories.

Once you’ve chosen the 5 categories, the next step is that you want to create supporting keywords that will be your primary and secondary keywords.

Here are a few rules for selecting your primary and secondary keywords

  1. Each of these keyword phrases should be a target phrase that is no less than 2-3 words
  2. Start with the smallest search volume that makes sense. Having a very small search volume will not work very well. I normally don’t go below 25 monthly searches depending on the niche I’m promoting.

In no.2 above it doesn’t seem like the number of searches is significant, but when you include that keyword with other targeted keywords you get more search engine authority when combining all keyword.

Next you want to check your competition by searching on Google for a key term without quotes, just like a Google user would do. Next check what comes up on the search engine return. In order to see what you might be able to push, you want to pay close attention to the results at the bottom of the 1st page. These are the websites that you need to pay attention to because these are the sites that you’ll be fighting against.

Next, look at the first page, especially near the bottom as this is the type of site you need to beat achieve page 1 ranking.

Look at page rank, the types of sites and check the number of backlinks the have. Are there sites that are less than a PR4 on the first page? Are there .edu or .gov sites? Are there brand names on the first page? Are there single-word domains?

So basically, you need to convince yourself that you can get to page one for a particular search term without too much trouble. This is a part of the real blueprint that I’m sharing with you today.

One last thing on this part of keyword research piece is that when you start finding keywords you will need to group primary and secondary keywords under a category so that you have the primary and secondary keywords supporting the category keyword that you want to rank for in the search engines. This is very important because when the search engines index your website they are wanting to deliver the most relative information to the user search and so when you write your content you want it to be as relative as you can make it for the user who finds your website.

So here’s the recap that I hope will help you.

  1. Each of the 5 categories will have a category page on the website.
  2. A category page is like a table of contents and will summaries (main purpose to link top your SEO articles -primary and secondary keywords)
  3. By optimizing it for a phrase, you’ll get better rankings for all of your content pages – Creates a hierarchy that the search engines will like.
  4. Your main home page will relate to your main keyword or theme then you have category pages and then the category page will link to your content pages

This creates a real website that makes sense and will attract people through the search engines – grouping keywords is very important!

Creating your articles or content pages:

Now let’s talk about the criteria you want to use when creating your articles. First it is good to have a few related key phrases located in the lower portion of your keyword list that you found when doing your keyword research. I prefer phrases with more than 25 monthly searches. You can certainly go lower than that if you want to. It is really up to you and what makes sense for your article. Lastly, try to find unique topics so each article in the theme is not just a re-hash of the others.

So pick your phrases and create your content that you already know people are searching for online. This tactic is not rocket science because you are taking what your keyword tool has given you. Doing your content creation this way separates you from the majority of people trying to rank for your niche. There are not too many people that that take the time to create good keyword research. You have the starting nuts and bolts to create your first try at keyword research.

Facebook fan pages are key to your businesses exposure

If you’ve been hearing the news recently, you’ve heard that having an online presence is a critical part of being in business. How many times have you wanted to find a realtor, plumber, insurance person, contractor or restaurant to find a person or company that you could research before making a decision to call and hire them.

I’m sure quite a bit right? Did you know that if you do it, other people do it too? It is estimated that over 80% of people that search for local businesses are people that are looking to make a purchase in the very near future or that day! If you haven’t placed your business on facebook, you are missing out on internet leads from the searches that people are doing online.

The main components are facebook, YouTube and a website and all three must be set up to capture leads and clearly tell what service or product you offer and share your unique selling proposition.

Now Capital Network Services Inc, specializes in facebook applications that capture lead generation information so that your business can follow up with prospects automatically.  Allow us to broadcast your message to the market and drive them to a website designed to give them what your potential customers want, and that’s “what you do, why you do it, how they contact you, testimonials, lead capture with instant notifications to you.

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